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Ep 13. Blue Skies, Lollipops and A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets, how've you been since we last chatted?

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Now we're a year old, we’ve gone all grown up and serious and got new microphones. We'd managed long enough with one 15 year old microphone between us and we want to make the Podcast a better listen. We hope it does!


So lovelies, Spring has sprung and here at WTF, we're shedding the winter blues along with our winter wardrobe. It feels so good. Spring is a great time for clearing out and new starts. We're full of optimism and anticipation....at the moment. Watch this space.


In this Episode, our giddiness has got us talking about:

 • Lou's HRT journey
• Weighted blankets
• The burst of information on meno & midlife; is it good or bad to have so much info?
• Midlife layers of responsibility
• Good Gut health, why it's important and generation reasons for bad gut health. The 70's & 80's were the decades of processed & novelty foods, microwaves and stress. Think Angel Delight, Pop Tarts, Fray Bentos pies…how many can you remember?
• Decluttering but being careful not to throw things you might regret.
• The power of the mind and how it can play tricks on us to protect us or distract us.
• Lou's 'Turn down the dial' calming technique.
• Full moons and woowoo stuff than can help us if we're open to it, especially when it comes to judging ourselves and seeking perfection.

and of course....
• Our 'Fog Moments' - kamikaze phones and costly foggy events.

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Huge love & gratitude,
 Michele and Lou x


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