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Ep 17. Going Solo, Getting Your Best On and Permission to Do F#!@ All.

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets,
 We're back with Episode 17 and we're so grateful that you're still listening.
 We're also SO grateful for those of you who are helping to keep us showing up by making donations via 'Buy Me a Coffee' (link below). THANK YOU this month to Emma S and Clare. Mwah.

Things you can join in with and have a laugh at this Episode are….

• Lost and found…a continuing theme (Lou updates us on her lost glasses)

• Forgotten sunscreen and deep fried skin.

• COVID. Is it worse and is recovery longer during menopause?

• How can we have an accident in an empty house?

• Jelly shoes. Remember those?
 • Do you ever really stop and do absolutely NOTHING? Try lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. What’s your favourite way to do nothing?

• Do you take ‘fresh air baths’?

• Travelling alone. Scary or freeing?

• Our new catchphrase “Get your best on.”
 And of course....our FOG MOMENTS!

A couple of big missions we’re embarking on are ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ an HRT shortages. There still isn’t enough awareness or planning in workplaces and we think that every business should have a menopause policy and a menopause advocate, male or female. We’re also getting increasingly concerned about stories we’re hearing from our community about horrendous HRT shortages so we’re investigating it. Watch this space! We might be asking you to paint a placard with us!

Wherever you are in the world, please let us know what the menopause conversation is like and what the HRT situation is.
Please join in the conversation and share your experiences with us. That’s what builds community and how we help other women like us. You can share privately by email or join our private Facebook Group. Links below.

Huge love & gratitude,
Michele and Lou x


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