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Ep 20. Revolution not Resolutions. We're not at war so let's stop battling.

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets,

We're back and ready to share what's been happening while we've been away. It's been a tough ol' time for us both lately so we chose to step back a little to rest and regroup.

That got us thinking about how we go about things and how we treat ourselves. When we speak to you lovely gals, you tell us that, like us, you often feel you just have to 'get on with it', 'battle on', 'push through'. Well maybe it's time to change all that. We're not at war with anyone, even ourselves, so let's stop acting like warriors.  It's not how it's meant to be, especially at this stage of our lives. It's time to be honest with ourselves and others about it too. Let’s stop making excuses and just be honest about what we feel, what we’re capable of and even what we want.

So, our words for the year are ACCEPTANCE and HONESTY. What do you think? Can we embrace them? It'll be so liberating and freeing if we can.
Our mood isn't helped by winter of course. First comes festive chaos followed by new year pressures! Isn't it madness that we start the new year in the middle of winter? It’s not how it’s meant to be. Celtic new year, what our ancestors would have lived by, begins on 1 February. It’s called Imbolc. It’s when new growth, birth and the return of the light/sun is celebrated. Spring doesn’t start officially until 21 March. In winter, we’re meant to, well, ‘winter’. Rest, heal and feed ourselves, nutritionally and emotionally. That doesn’t mean doing nothing, it just means slowing down, and making a decision not to join the race, the rat race. Set your own pace.

We share lots more around all this in this episode, as well as talking about...

Mille Fois of crap
• Inherited ‘get on with it’ strategies
• Young people ‘work to live’, unlike what we were taught
• Putting off the important things and people
• Depression in menopause – is it menopause or stage of life? Both? It’s a 
• If we’re the ones who usually lift others up and care for them, is it hard to admit you 
   can’t do that anymore?
• Winter blues – SAD
• Michele’s dry eye, sore eyelid solution and lack of diagnosis - update
• Gratitude practice - Michele's routine

We've packed a lot into a short episode this time lovelies. We'd love to hear what you think. Don't forget, you can always email us or come over and join us in our private Facebook group. All the deets are down below.

PLEASE tell all your fab female friends about the Podcast and the Event and let's get as many women in midlife and menopause well informed and supported as we can.

'til next time lovelies, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it."

Big love,
Michele and Lou x


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