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Ep 24. If It's Not on The List, It's Not Coming In! New attitudes and more FUN.

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Episode notes

Hi lovely Foggers and Fogglets,

Welcome to our first episode of 2024. Firstly, how was your 2023? If you're anything like us and so many people we speak to, it was a bloomin' doozy. It really did feel like being on a rollercoaster powered by white water rapids at times. It left both of us feeling emotionally churned, battered and bruised.

BUT, we've decided that that energy (or lack of) is so 2023 and it has to stay there. If any of that 2023 shizzle is still hanging around like a bad smell, seeping into your 2024, tell it it's not on the list and turn it away!! Let's be determined to make 2024 a stronger, more determined, more positive year. Are you with us?

So, this episode, we're talking all things energy really. From the 7, yep that's right there are 7, signs of fatigue, to the energy we create ourselves from our thinking and attitudes and how we can make sure the bad vibes don't get in and threaten to stay.

As usual, our unscripted guided chat goes far and wide and is always raw and honest. Other things we're chatting about this episode are:

• Walking our talk - do we practice what we preach?
• Connection and community - staying healthy is so much about sharing & talking.
• Are you over Podcasts? As we feel swamped by the 000's of high budget podcasts, do we carry on?
• Getting creative - we all have some creative ability and it can be such a great distraction and mindul thing to explore.

• Books we're reading
• TV  we're watching
•  Movies we love
• And of course....our Fog Moments

Thanks for listening to our little chunnerings. As always, we'd love you to join in by letting us know what you think and sharing your experiences and PLEEEEASE let all your friends, colleagues, family know about us so we can keep our little project going and growing.

Until next time lovely ones, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it." We've got you!
Big love,
Michele and Lou x

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