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Ep 22. Fitting In, Packing in and Hunkering Down

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Episode notes

Hi loves,
 Well, it's been a minute or two but we're back! We've missed you and our chats.
 Before we started recording this episode, we were chatting about why it's been a while and when we started delving and being really honest, which we always aim to be, we had reached a point where we really didn't know where we fitted in anymore. There was so much meno and midlife conversation going on, among celebrities, businesses and the like, we thought that maybe our humble little chats were old news and not needed or of value any more. BUT, you lovely lot messaged and emailed to ask where we were and when we'd be back and we really felt the love. So, here we are. THANK YOU!
 You know us, we never have an agenda or a script, we just free flow and mostly, it seems to work out. This episode, we're chatting....
 • Feeling depleted - energy, time, money.
 • Hunkering down - ' Wintering'
 • Strength and Immunity - the best ways to stay healthy
 • 8pm is the new midnight
 • Going with your own energy ebb and flow
 • Treating yourself like an old car (haha)
 • The 1st world problems of finding the right makeup - our current favs
 And of course....
 • Our Fog Moments

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Until next time lovely ones, you know it...."Stay sane. Don't lose it." We've got you!
Big love,
Michele and Lou x

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