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Ep 12. Falling Down, Getting Up and Finding Focus

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Episode notes

Happy 2022 lovely Foggers and Fogglets! I know…it’s a tad late but the year got off to a sticky start for us and so we’ve decided our new year doesn’t start until February. It’s in line with the Celtic new year, Imbolc, anyway and you know the woowoo is something we embrace here at WTF HQ.

With the sticky start and some not too insignificant challenges, we found ourselves wondering whether we should carry on with the Podcast but then the universe sent us some signs in the form of incredible messages of encouragement from you, our lovely community, and even some little donations via ‘Buy Me A Coffee’. So, ladies, it looks like you’re stuck with us and our musings for now.

We’re so happy to be physically back together recording this episode. We struggle when we don’t manage to do that. There’s something so healing and life affirming about being with our girls isn’t there? The stress just seems to melt away when you get a hug from your important ones doesn’t it? We talk about that in this episode as well as….
 • The mid-life responsibility sandwich (older dependents, offspring)

• Recovering from illness and the importance of gut health.
 • Meno in the workplace. Is your place of work meno aware? Many women give up jobs and careers because of a lack of awareness and support.
 • Focus – or lack of and how it can lead to fog moments
 • Getting creative – how doing something creative can relieve stress, improve focus and just makes us feel good.
 • How mid-life experiences can knock our long-term confidence & how to stop it happening.
 • Of course…our Fog Moments


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Huge love & gratitude,
 Michele and Lou x


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