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The Perimenopause Minis: Episode 02 - The Three Pillars for a Fit, Healthy, Happy Perimenopause

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Episode notes

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When we start to notice the early menopause changes, I like to see this as our body giving us a little nudge. Usually at the start, it’s nothing to give us too much cause for concern, things just feel a little bit different. Some women have had less subtle signs and gone to their docs, only to be told that they’re too young to be in perimenopause. So, it can be easy for lots of reasons to dismiss this and soldier on. But for me, this is a golden opportunity to look at everything that’s going on in your life, your habits, your lifestyle, and to start making a few changes right now. So what are those three pillars for lifestyle change? 

What You'll Learn:

- Why you should always start from managing stress in your life

- The questions to ask yourself about stress

- Why exercise is healing and how to start moving your body more often

- Why blood sugar balance is key to regulating your nutrition

Now, it can feel overwhelming to take in all these things at once, so I always encourage you to choose one to start with. Usually the stress management piece is the first one to tackle, as that has a knock on effect on everything else. Stay tuned next week to learn more about these three pillars, and be sure to join the Fatigued to Fabulous free challenge starting on Sunday, 18th September!  

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