The Busy Woman's Guide to Fitness and Wellness Podcast

By Alix Hubble
The Busy Woman’s Guide to Fitness & Wellness is your weekly dose of fitness and wellness inspiration. In a world of quick fixes, diets and impossible ideals, it can feel like we’re simply failing to keep up as we try to juggle work, kids and life admin. So, together, we explore how to get motivated and create a realistic and achievable way to stay active within a busy life, while stepping away from guilt and the diet roller coaster for good.

We’ll unpack some of the myths and unhelpful messages from the ’traditional’ fitness and diet industry, so that you can find a better, kinder, more helpful way to fit exercise and wellness into your life, improve your confidence and feel amazing.

Your host is Alix Hubble, Women’s Fitness & Wellness Coach, founder of ChickFit, Mum of two and guilt-free eater of chocolate and drinker of wine. Having worked with hundreds of women over the years, and been through her own trials and tribulations with diet culture and trying to achieve the elusive ‘peachy’ bum, she has gathered together all of her knowledge and experience to help you to find a better balance and create a happy life.

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