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050 The Busy Woman's Fitness Plan (1st Anniversary Edition)

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Episode notes

Like so many women, I don’t have an awful lot of time, so when I’m thinking about my own fitness and wellness plan, it has to be simple and efficient, and it has to work. Since this is not only episode 50, but it’s also our 1-year podcast anniversary, I've decided to bring together some of the advice from previous episodes to help you create your own simple busy woman’s fitness plan. I’ve picked a four-stage plan for you which is going to get you the best results without needing loads of time.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to dial down the stress to be able to make changes, to think more clearly and reduce emotional eating

- How to build muscle to increase metabolism, get a cardio response, protect your body as you age and feel awesome

- How to do short workouts, but go to your edge to maximise time usage, enhance your life and keep it sustainable

- Why it’s essential to stop dieting to save time and energy, learn to be okay with yourself and nurture and nourish yourself rather than restrict and punish

I hope this will provide you with more detail, advice and help on how you can remove yourself from the diets, work on adding resistance into your routine and reduce the stress. The goal of this little outline plan is to help you create change and build a fitness and wellness plan that works for you.


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