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Ep #23 F*ck 'Failure'

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

Einstein has a quote "You don't fail until you stop trying"....

This is one of my favorite quotes yet, only now am I allowing myself to really follow this idea.

You see...the word 'failure' gives me anxiety even typing it out. I hate this word! And with my hating of this word, it's making me question...why do I/have I put so much power into this word (?).

I'm realizing that this "F" word should be considered a "bad" word for me.

Just like when I was a kid there were cuss/curse words that I was told not to say because they were "bad" words. I'm starting to feel like this for the word Failure.

What's sad is that since I was so afraid to 'fail'...it also made me afraid to 'fly'! Wha??? Not good.

When I think back to when I was a kid, and also being too young to know what a word like 'failure' was let alone what it meant, I was as free as a bird!

I would climb trees, and play in the dirt, and just anything really without a thought or care in the world!

Being a 'tomboy' most of what I did was very risky, climbing big trees, playing on the rings and the bars in the local playground and getting all kinds of dirt all over my clothes. Haha! (Oh, the good ole days!)

I could've easily fell off of any of those 'structures' and gotten severely hurt or injured but was I afraid? Hecks no! I never was and guess what I never fell either!

From now on, I'm gonna start to flip my thoughts on this horrible word and instead of 'failure' I'm gonna 'flip' it to 'finding the answers' or 'finding the solutions'. For a visual Failure = Finding the Answers and/or Finding the Solutions because isn't that what we're really doing most of the time anyway?

Unless of course we do 'stop' trying.

In my realization of my anxiety with this word I'm also realizing that even though I've felt like a failure with many things in my life, I really haven't, because I never stopped trying. Excuse me while I allow my mind to be blown about this concept and also 'fly' at the same time! :)

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