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Ep 27 Interview with Danielle Tucker on Creating a 3-Day Workweek in Your Business!

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

I found out about Danielle Tucker when we attended a zoom meeting and I Ioved her energy and so I decided to reach out to her and now we're "biz buddies"! :)

She talks about a lot of things on this episode...like 'jumping without a net' and being a digital nomad for many years, realizing that she needed to take self-care and then slowing down to create a 3-day workweek!

She talks about:

"Focusing on things that recharge you instead of draining you"

"Giving yourself grace"

"Automate so the sales process feels aligned for you and how you function"

"More freedom"

"Start automating things and to structure things so that they are uniquely aligned to how you function"....which is especially helpful for Introverts and HSP's!

and we both discuss how the same feelings for 'nervousness' and 'excitement' on how they're essentially similar and that it's just how we choose to 'think' about them and work through them that make all of the difference...

we also speak about how "Comparison-itis is the thief of joy!"...

And last but not least she speaks about how she has created her work schedule to be:

Working Tuesday-Thursday and that on these days she does, business tasks such as operations, supporting clients, doing marketing so that she can travel and see family from Friday-Monday!

She focuses on her business/work tasks as:

1. Sales

2. Marketing

3. Operations

4. Ongoing Relationships with Clients

and ultimately 'automating' work tasks (the tasks that *can be automated), so that she can have a 3-Day Workweek!


Danielle P. Tuckers Freebie called "Secure the Sale Before the Call" --> www.danielleptucker.com/sts-training/

Danielle P. Tuckers info:




*Correction to Lacey's quote "your mindset is your full-time job and your business is your side-hustle".


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