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Ep 29 Introverted Doesn't = Shy

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

July 19 was my 1 year podcast-versary! Woohoo!

I thought I was an extrovert my whole life because growing up it seemed that everyone equates being an introvert = shyness. I've always been outgoing and have had friends throughout life, so I 'assumed' I was an extrovert!

Come to find out that we're all both (extroverted AND introverted) number one, and that the only difference between an extrovert and an introvert is in how we get our energy, I couldn't believe it! "That's the only difference!"

And nothing against being shy! There's this quote: "being shy is IN your way", "being an introvert is YOUR way". Again, it's all about self-awareness. And there are shy extroverts and highly sensitive extroverts too! Because we're all individuals and different people and characteristics and traits!

I learned all of this when I had my breakdown in 2020 and I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through a breakdown like I did! This is why I "preach" about self-awareness because I had never recharged my whole life. And I was a caretaker for 14 years and I didn't know, I was exhausted a lot, pouring from an empty cup, and down a lot and I even went through a depression a couple of times all because I didn't know to recharge and take self-care (especially since I was a caretaker and even more so because I'm an introvert AND a highly sensitive person aka, a highly sensitive introvert!).

That Maya Angelou quote: "When you know better, you do better". That's what I'm about so much!

My hopes are to help those that don't know that they're introverted and/or an empath or a highly sensitive person to number one 'know' to then 'recharge' and 're-energize' when needed as it's a part of our wellbeing which is EVERYTHING.

Oprah is an introvert! www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcqAisTrCE8

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Jessica Butts has an assesment on her website too! She's a Myers-Briggs expert and I interviewed her for episode #26!


Are you an HSP (a Highly Sensitive Person)?

This is Dr. Elaine Aron's direct website. She coined the term, "highly sensitive person" back in the 90's!


Highly Sensitive Refuge Article explaining what the difference is between an Introvert, a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath.


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