Two Women Chatting

By Liz and Michelle

Join hosts Liz and Michelle redefining life over 50 as empty nesters, embracing the highs and lows of midlife with celebrity guests and experts, sharing a laugh on their podcast sofa. We talk about real concerns, issues and fun topics that affect us, our friends and our family.

Midlife is not just about the menopause (although we’d be the first to admit it’s right up there!) but it is a time of adventure, change and reset - with plenty of opportunities and challenges along the way.  

Whether we’re chatting about ‘boomerang kids’, diet failures (and occasional successes!), pro-ageing, travel, changing relationships or inspiration for new jobs or activities, there’s always room for one more on our sofa.

Our Listener Lounge is full of people like YOU and us: midlifers who might struggle a little with an empty nest but who are redefining the way they live through health, wealth, jobs, ‘pretirement’ and relationships. You can find the Listener Lounge on our website, along with lots of resources, blogs and expert advice.

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