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Does therapy work? – The current state of psychotherapy and how we know when it’s effective

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How do we know when therapy works? And what does research published by ieso’s Senior Clinical Scientist, Dr Michael Ewbank, reveal about which elements of therapy are most impactful?

Joining host Tom Clelford to discuss this are Dr Jennifer Gentile (SVP of US Research and Clinical Innovation at ieso and a practicing clinician in the US), Dr Ana Catarino (Director of Clinical Science at ieso) and Dr Ewbank himself. 

  • What objective measurements can we take before and after therapy to determine its effectiveness?
  • When it comes to talking therapy sessions, how have advances in AI and deep learning helped us identify the “active ingredients” of therapy – the exact language that is making a therapeutic change occur?
  • How has ieso been able to extract insights from its 460,000-therapy hour dataset?
  • What data, other than the therapy session transcripts, does ieso have that further improves the quality of our therapy dataset?
  • How important is the rapport between patient and therapist? What about empathy? 
  • How can we tell that talking therapy interventions are more effective than merely chatting?
  • Why is ieso’s AI-powered, data-driven therapy supervision tool so much more accurate than human-only quality control?

Read Dr Ewbank’s JAMA paper: 'Quantifying the Association Between Psychotherapy Content and Clinical Outcomes Using Deep Learning' - here

Find out ,ore about ieso’s mission and future plans here

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