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Best of gut health - anniversary edition

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Episode notes

Gut health is a topic is topic we talk about a lot at ZOE. The gut doesn’t just fight disease, it boosts our mood, processes energy and so much more. Today’s bonus episode journeys through everything we’ve learnt about gut health so far. And what a myth-busting journey it is!

In this episode, Jonathan delves into the microbiome, highlighting the most useful tips from conversations with ZOE’s U.S. Medical Director and resident gut health expert, Will Bulsiewicz, and Tim Spector, one of top 100 most cited scientists and author Food for Life. 

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00:00 - Intro

01:27 - Is bacteria bad for us?

04:10 - How is the microbiome affected by what we eat?

10:00 - What happens to the gut when fasting?

11:53 - Why bacteria eats the inside of our bodies

13:59 - What causes heartburn?

17:00 - What’s going on with gas and bloating?

19:09 - Tell-tale signs of constipation

22:42 - How to treat constipation

25:52 - Other signs of an unhealthy gut

27:20 - Why do doctors ask about your trips to the bathroom?

29:37 - Tips for tackling an unhealthy gut

31:40 - Outro

Episode transcripts are available here.

Will’s book is available to buy here.

Tim’s book is available to buy here.

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