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How to eat well on a budget

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Episode notes

The cost of living has soared. Energy prices have doubled, and food costs have gone up enormously. As a result, the weekly shopping bill can be shocking. 

For some, this is merely an inconvenience. But many others face the awful choice between heating their home and maintaining their usual diet. The consequence is that many of us are throwing cheaper ingredients into our shopping baskets to save money. 

So does this mean that eating healthy is an indulgence that be dropped in favour of cheap ultra-processed food? Or is it still possible to eat healthily on a budget?

In today’s episode, Jonathan speaks to Dr. Rupy Aujla and Tim Spector to better understand how to eat healthier while spending less:

  • Dr. Rupy Aujla is a medical doctor who, since 2015, has been teaching people to cook their way to health. He’s the founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen and has recently turned his efforts to healthy cooking on a tight budget.
  • Tim Spector is a co-founder of ZOE and one of the world's top 100 most cited scientists.

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00:00 - Introduction

00:10 - Topic introduction

02:12 - Quickfire questions with Rupy

03:33 - Quickfire questions with Tim

04:22 - What’s one swap you can make today if you’re trying to eat well, for less?

05:07 - What has Dr. Rupy been up to?

06:58 - Do you need to give up eating healthy foods when economizing?

08:23 - Options when you’re on a budget

09:31 - Batch cooking

16:00 - Is it expensive to have healthy and good quality foods?

17:54 - Recipe adherence

20:24 - Advice for people cooking on their own

23:53 - How long does food last?

25:24 - How nutritious are canned & frozen foods?

28:23 - About protein

38:31 - What’s the one food you should spend more money on?

41:34 - Summary

42:29 - Can you have a healthier diet as a consequence of being on a budget?

43:23 - Goodbyes

43:26 - Outro

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