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Make Your Cycle Your Workout's Secret Weapon with Dr Stacy Sims

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Many of us have grown up with the idea that unless exercise is painful, it’s not working - no pain, no gain right? But what if we could work with our bodies to make exercise easier, more effective and more enjoyable?

Growing research has found that most of the exercise plans we’re following are designed for men, and they don't factor in the different physiology of women, namely our hormones.

But Dr Stacy Sims is a scientist & female athlete performance physiologist & she says we should all be syncing our workouts with our cycle. In this episode Dr Stacy talks us through how to turn our cycle into our workout's secret weapon, plus a few other tips to optimise & focus our workouts.

NB: Whether your workout is walking around the block every other day or smashing out HIT on the regular there will be something in this episode for you, I promise! x

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