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Carlota Rodben: Former Prima Ballerina, Open Innovation Manager at Chanel and Publishing Two Books Before 30

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Carlota Rodben, a Zillennial global nomad and former prima ballerina based between London and Paris, has distinguished herself as a two-time author before the age of thirty, and an innovation specialist in the luxury industry. This week, Carlota's second book "Beyond Luxury" was published, reaching #1 on Amazon within Retailing Industry.

Rodben began her career at the House of Chanel, where she established an innovation team and worked on cutting edge new concepts for the future of retail of the brand - the exact type of missions we love to discuss on the Tech Powered Luxury podcast!

In this episode, Rodben synthesizes elements of technology, innovation, sustainability, and human-focused experiences to forge a vision of purpose-driven luxury. We discuss the mission behind her latest book and the ways in which technology can be the ultimate growth and sustainability driver for existing and emerging luxury brands.

Her acclaimed debut book, “Beauty As It Is”, promotes inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry with the motto, “Beauty is a choice”, a topic even more relevant in the hyper-digital age. Currently, Carlota is invested in an entrepreneurial venture exploring the benefit of AI and IoT to optimize self-care. Additionally, she consults luxury brands and institutions on desirable futures, innovation, and transformation, and lectures at esteemed executive programs offered by IE and Luxonomy. Rodben’s ambition is to usher in a new era of luxury, leveraging cutting-edge technology, immersive experiences, and the power of emotion.

You can order Carlota's book "Beyond Luxury" on Amazon.

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