Tech Powered Luxury

By Ashley McDonnell

Tech Powered Luxury is a podcast, a series of lectures at leading business and design schools and an educational platform for brands, students and anyone interested in the crossover of the luxury and technology worlds. Tech Powered Luxury deep dives into the disruptive space between luxury, education and technology. Hosted by Ashley McDonnell, join us as she addresses the shifts and synergies, opportunities and experiences, transformations and strategies shaped by the luxury and tech industry’s titans. With Tech Powered Luxury, explore the journeys of these leaders and how technology influences the roadmap of the future of luxury.

Season 3 of Tech Powered Luxury is sponsored by FarmHouse Fresh.

Tech Powered Luxury is a top luxury, fashion, entrepreneurship and beauty podcast, globally ranking and peaking at #1 in the Fashion & Beauty category.

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Season 1 is sponsored by Seabody, and Season 2 is sponsored by Soulista.

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