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Snapchat: The Unfiltered Antidote to Luxury by Geoffrey Perez

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Episode notes

From a decade of filters, stories and tags to redressing the realm of GenZ, embedded with luxury, e-commerce and virtual marketplace, Snapchat is a story of success and inevitability. A promising application remarked with originality, a disrupting mechanism leveraged on augmented reality, Snapchat is a force of effect and a repertoire for digital marketing. Geoffrey Perez, Global head of luxury at Snapchat demystifies this phenomenon behind Snapchat’s magnified momentum, carving interactive human experience and fortifying fashion by pushing the boundaries of digital reality.

In today’s episode, Ashley and Geoffrey break down the beginning of Snapchat’s glory, unfurling candid cases that underpinned the imperative significance of Snapchat in the world of luxury.

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