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Episode notes

This episode is brought to you by myself, Ashley McDonnell, host of Tech Powered Luxury.

After two seasons of delving into the cutting edge of technology and modern luxury, it's time to turn the mic and share a glimpse of my own journey. This episode was recorded during my last few days in Geneva, where I relocated to take on the role of Global Digital Media and E-Commerce Director at luxury group PUIG's international holding before I move back to Paris. In the course of our conversation, my aim is to carve out a space within the realms of fashion, beauty, and luxury, welcoming everyone with their dreams and differences.

My first full time role was as Digital Project Manager at Dior at their headquarters in Paris. At first glance, my journey may look like a luxury and tech fairytale. After Dior, Google, LVMH, and now at PUIG. In due course of time, I’ve also joined advisory boards for beauty brands and a fashion rental start-up. I currently serve as Chairperson of the board of Digital Business Ireland and have given lectures on luxury and tech around the globe. However, throughout my roles, I have faced many challenges and rejections, navigated my fears with resilience and hope.

From being a mere observer to standing at the crossroads of bringing luxury brands and campaigns to life with innovation and technology, my journey begins with a transformative visit to an exhibition at London’s Somerset House: "DIOR ILLUSTRATED," in 2010. Since then, my life has evolved with fashion, beauty, many facets of the luxury and tech worlds and beyond.

In this episode, I aim to illuminate the intricacies of my journey—the learnings, the dreams, the failures, and many milestones in the world of tech and luxury. Also, in the spirit of transparency, I’m using the Tech Powered Luxury podcast to learn from the best. It allows me to ask all the questions I have for true leaders in the many specialized areas of luxury and technology. I hope you enjoy this episode, and the beginning of Season 3 - a new chapter for Tech Powered Luxury.

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