Dial-A-Dilemma with Jules Von Hep

Lucy Sheridan, Blasts From The Past, Bare Legs and ahem… Milking

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Episode notes

FINALLY a professional life coach is here to offer you her guidance and support to this week's dilemmas! A real life professional!

As well as being an incredible friend, Lucy Sheridan is The Comparison Coach, teaching us how to stop comparing ourselves to others, or to our own past. Lucy hears dilemmas as part of her day with her clients, so she was always going to be a great WISE guest and guide for Dial-A-Dilemma. 

On today’s ep, we’ve got a friendship ghosting, an issue with bottle lids, and a ditched date that has come back to haunt our caller. And there’s a LOT of leg chat - is a leg pic the new DP??

Remember you can ask me ANYTHING - so if you’ve got a dilemma for another episode, leave me a voicenote on the Whatsapp hotline number which is 07471224107. And of course, you can always remain anonymous.

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