Dial-A-Dilemma with Jules Von Hep

By Colour It In Studios Ltd

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Have a problem that you just don’t know how to solve? A lover that hasn’t text you back? A date that took a turn? Are you surrounded by icks?
Is your partner leaving underwear everywhere? Do you have a crush on your dogs vet? Bird fears, car drama, family feuds, horrible bosses – panic not, this community podcast is just for you!
Whatever the dilemma, Jules Von Hep and his celebrity guests have got you covered in this Agony Aunt podcast!
They may not be professionals, but they come equipped with life experience and ultimate bff vibes.
So welcome babes, to Dial-A-Dilemma! 
Leave us a voice note on the Dial-A-Dilemma Whatsapp hotline – 07471224107
(FYI anonymous is ok babes)

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