Dial-A-Dilemma with Jules Von Hep

Caroline Hirons, Sequin Miniskirts, Public Arguments and the Cutty Sark

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Episode notes

The Queen of Skincare herself joins this week’s Dial-A-Dilemma… Welcome Caroline Hirons! 

Caroline Hirons, the living legend, is EVERYONE’s fav’ glam aunt. She’ll see to your skin, maybe mend your broken heart, and she certainly won’t mince her words when it comes to unsolicited advice. There is absolutely no BS here! 

This week’s dilemmas include dressing (in)appropriately, a gym crush that’s telling us how we really feel, and an honest fear of missing the boat when it comes to dating. 

Oh, and while at it, there’s quite the story about a listener's adventures at the Cutty Sark. You may wish to be seated for that. 

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