Dial-A-Dilemma with Jules Von Hep

Tolly T, Inflight Drama + Netflix & Chill…ish

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Episode notes

In this week's episode I am joined by The Receipts Podcast co host - Tolly T!

Tolly is a podcaster, writer and someone who never fails to make me scream at her socials.  Her back catalogue of life stories are a thing of wonder, and her vast experience of answering dilemmas on The Receipts Podcast make her the perfect agony aunt, where were you Tolly during MY DATING DILEMMA DAYS!

In this episode we’ve got a tricky job situ, a chance encounter on a flight (or was it?!), a career change and a story about a date that just would not leave…..!

If you’ve got a dilemma, don’t worry I’ve got you - the hotline is ALWAYS open, so leave me a voice note on the Whatsapp number which is 07471224107. You can always remain anonymous! 

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