Dial-A-Dilemma with Jules Von Hep

Ola Awosika, Dry Crackers and Pigeon Problems

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Episode notes

This week on Dial a Dilemma I’m joined by director of LOLs - Ola Awosika. Let me tell you my sides SPLIT recording this episode!

I met Ola at an event last year while I was planning the podcast, and instantly knew he’d be the perfect guest. Not only are his tips for life and dating on his socials 10/10 - girl walks the walk too, in killer heels I might add. In this episode, Agony Aunty Ola has 100% GOT YOU.

Dilemmas this week include next level icks, international dating app chaos, phobias and dates, who bring OTHER DATES?!

Don’t forget, you can get your dilemmas to me on the Whatsapp hotline number 07471224107 - we LOVE to hear your voicenotes, and remember you can remain anonymous.

Let me know what you think of the podcast by sliding into the DMs @julesvonhep 

And there will be more of your dilemmas next week and I will be joined by another wonderful guest helping you out! 

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