This Is My Cinema | The BIFA Podcast / Daniel Mays on Vera Drake, De Niro and nappy changes with David Thewlis

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Episode notes

In this episode of the podcast, we have a chat with the brilliant Daniel Mays. Seen on big screens in recent feel-good favourites Swimming With Men and Fisherman's Friends, as well as Mike Leigh's modern classic Vera Drake - and on small screens in huge shows including Line of Duty, Good Omens and cop comedy Code 404. Welcoming come to This Is My Cinema, a podcast from the British Independent Film Awards. The show is called This Is My Cinema and it’s all about celebrating the very best talent in the British film scene and the cinema experiences that made them who they are today.  Our hosts Michael Leader and Rhianna Dhillon will be talking to rising stars and legendary names from in front of and behind the camera, exploring their origins in filmmaking, their inspirations, their memories of the cinemas they grew up visiting and of course whether they take their popcorn salty, sweet - or wouldn’t dream of taking food to a film at all.  This is my cinema is a Little Dot Studios production for BIFA The show is hosted by Rhianna Dhilllon and Michael Leader It’s produced by Jake Cunningham, Ellie Aitken and Harold McShiel And we’re edited by Content is Queen  

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