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055 Tailoring Your Nutrition to the Big Life Phases and Transitions

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Episode notes

There are some life phases and transitions in a woman's life in which it would help us to pay special attention to nutrition. In this episode  I'm joined by Caroline Hill, a freelance dietitian and owner of “Caroline Hill Nutrition”. Together we dive into a couple of areas of the early postnatal period and the perimenopause. We chat about what we need to pay attention to and share some practical advice to start with.   What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to deal with ups and downs within your life

- The main things that good nutrition can help with in early postnatal period and the perimenopause

- What a new mum should pay attention to in terms of healing nutrition

- What things we need to start paying more attention to in the peri- to post-menopause transition

- How to change your mindset on how you view your nutrition and your body

- How to deal with menopause symptoms

- How to stay on track and what all women should focus on first

This is all about how we can make small, manageable adjustments to our nutrition at these important times of transition to support and nurture ourselves through those times in the best way we possibly can.   Resources:   - Caroline Hill’s website

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