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The Perimenopause Minis: Episode 01 - Are you Perimenopausal and a Special Invitation

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Episode notes

September 18th: Join my FREE challenge to take you from Fatigued to Fabulous 

Welcome to the first of five mini-episodes that are coming your way every Wednesday for the next few weeks. I’m going to be giving you some bite-sized chunks of mega valuable information. This week I’m starting with the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips right now - am I actually perimenopausal? 

What You’ll Learn:

- The average duration of perimenopausal years

- The obvious and not-so-obvious symptoms of perimenopause

- Why the signs of perimenopause often get misdiagnosed

- How to get proactive with nutrition, exercise and stress management as you start noticing changes   
 If you find yourself struggling with some of the symptoms I talked about in this episode, join me on Sunday 18th September for my FREE Fatigued to Fabulous Challenge!

Over 5 days, we’re going to create your very own formula for building your energy and confidence throughout the perimenopause and beyond. We’ll be covering nutrition, exercise and stress management throughout the week, and you’ll be discovering the key lifestyle shifts that are going to help you feel amazing from your early to mid 40s onwards.

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