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069 The Myth of ‘The Last 7 lbs’

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Episode notes

I used to have this thought that would go round and round in my head that, if I could just lose those last 7 lbs, everything will be okay. I truly believed that 7 lbs was the difference between me feeling too big and me feeling ‘just right’. Losing them would make my confidence bloom and my self-esteem grow. In this episode, I talk about The Myth of the Last 7 lbs and how it affects our confidence, our mood and our self-esteem. 
 What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to be confident and happy at whatever size you are now

- How to stop being anxious about weight gain and actually enjoy food and exercise

- How to do more of the things that are going to make you feel good (rather than just make you smaller)

- The path to feeling great whether you’ve ‘got rid’ of  those last 7 lbs or not

- Which stress reduction, nutrition and exercise strategies will help you be your healthiest self

- How to build your strength and confidence and increase your energy and focus

Those last 7 lbs represent pleasure. They represent meals out, without having to pick the dish that will be lowest in calories. They represent a  birthday cake with your kids, a few late afternoon bevvies with a friend, a roast and a glass of red wine on a winter Sunday. If we obsess over those  last 7 lbs, we actually lose so much more than just weight. We lose pleasure, freedom and joy. We lose ourselves.


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