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The Perimenopause Sessions: Episode 05 - Why It’s Your Time: a Rallying Call!

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Episode notes 

For way too long the menopause has been seen as a horrible, scary ageing process full of hot flushes and mental and physical decline. We go into this phase in denial, pretending that our bodies and brains aren’t changing and trying to carry on as normal. I want to do everything in my power to make sure that we totally flip this and instead start to see this life phase as an awesome opportunity to shine and to make the next part the best part. 

What You'll Learn:

- How our conditioning plays a big part in our perimenopause and menopause symtpoms

- What biopsychosocial model is and how society influences how we view ourselves

- How we can use perimenopause signs and symptoms to upgrade our wellbeing

- Why this generation of women has a unique opportunity to change the conversation about menopause

We still have half of our lives ahead of us - let’s celebrate that and make sure that the second half is the best half! I’m ready and waiting to support you all the way through that in my Power Up Your Perimenopause course. You’ll get all of the structure you need, with a progressed exercise plan, weekly nutrition and self-care challenges, as well as my support to help you navigate your journey. 

This is an amazing opportunity to get to work on Project YOU, to finally be able to prioritise yourself and feel fabulous. Just head over to to join us!


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