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059 Fitness, Weight & Body Neutrality

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Episode notes

Moving our bodies in ways that make us feel strong, capable and good not only helps us feel amazing and grow our confidence, but it also translates into all other areas of our lives. We need to change the conversation, find ways to move away from the same old narrative of weight loss, and see how we can find real joy in movement and fitness and look after ourselves in different ways.

In this episode, I’m joined by Christine Chessman, Body Neutral Strength & Fitness Coach, founder of Hello Fitness Brighton, teacher of  pilates and kettlebell on a mission to help women move more freely.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- What the body neutral approach refers to and what it means

- How to take up space and why it’s so important

- Why fitness and movement is a great way for women to be able to take up space

- How to move away from struggling to stay small and from thinner is better narrative

- How to actually listen to our bodies

Hopefully this episode has given you some things to think about in terms of how you see your body and how you see fitness and movement. Ultimately, we all want to be able to move with joy, along with feeling confident and strong.


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