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060 Why You Feel Selfish for Putting Yourself First, and How to Stop!

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Episode notes

A lot of us feel selfish for putting ourselves first. And when we view our own wellbeing and spending time on ourselves through the lens of being selfish, it’s going to be incredibly hard for us to ever prioritise that. Every time we do a workout or any other wellbeing practice, it’s going to feel like something we really shouldn’t be doing, something that takes away from the other people and things in our lives which we deem to be more important. So, how can we learn to put ourselves higher up the list, without feeling selfish!

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- Doing an exercise session or anything else wellness related IS NOT selfish

- Why you don’t need to always sacrifice yourself for the greater good

- How we can show up better for others when we’ve taken time for ourselves

- How to take time out and not spend our lives putting everyone else first

We should be able to put ourselves first without any reason. We are human, and therefore we deserve some care and attention in exactly the same way that everyone else in our lives deserve care and attention. So next time that you decide to do something for yourself, feel free to put aside any feelings of guilt or selfishness. 


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