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Jason Flom + Maggie Freleng | The High Cost of Wrongful Convictions

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In addition to the moral cost of incarcerating the innocent, it’s also literally expensive. Today’s guests are going to share about the high cost of wrongful convictions.

They are a dream team, a force to be reckoned with, a dynamic duo — and they are applying their talents to combat the horrors of wrongful convictions. Please welcome back Maggie Freleng and say hello to our first time guest, Jason Flom.

Maggie is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and host of Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freleng. Jason Flom is a music industry icon turned criminal justice advocate, reformer, and philanthropist. He created the podcast network, Lava for Good, and hosts Righteous Convictions.

In addition to their passion, Maggie and Jason bring us staggering statistics around wrongful convictions and women in prison. These two understand the plights of the wrongfully convicted more than most and I hope you will listen, learn and be moved to action.

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These are the books Jason references:

Additional resources on wrongful convictions:

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