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Episode notes

It's November 30, do you know where your holiday spirit is?!?

I am delighted to present Season 2 Episode 1 of SANTA MAYBE, A CRIMINAL - on the feed today! Enjoy this true crime satire, Yuletide mystery podcast created by my friend and editor, Jason Usry.

Listen closely to hear yours truly for an audio appearance, along with several other true crime podcasters you know and love. If you haven't listened to Season 1, go back and binge it now. Follow and subscribe to SANTA MAYBE, A CRIMINAL.


Richie Buck is back. After being heartbroken from Santa's jail escape he's decided to bring Santa back to face the (Christmas) music.

Santa Maybe, a Criminal is a limited true crime satire podcast created by Jason Usry.

This is Season Two – The First Day of Christmas – “Finding My Boo”

Created by:

Jason Usry

Rebekah Sebastian, host of DIE-ALOGUE a true crime conversation

Dr. Shiloh Catanese, & Dr. Scott Musgrove, co-hosts of the LA Not So Confidential Podcast, and our very own Legal Eagle, Mickey Kat.

It is written and produced by Jason Usry.

Besides host Richie Buck, this week’s cast included (in order of appearance)…

As Rodney and Rita – Frank and Marie– from the Voca Vacay podcast

Bob of the Defense Diaries podcast.

Scott of the LA Not So Confidential Podcast

Kelli of True Crime IRL and her new show True Crime Sleep Stories

Brett and Alice from The Prosecutors & The Prosecutors Legal Briefs

Courtney from Nefarious Nightmare

Rebekah Sebastian from Die-Alogue & Criminality

Cherry from Crimepedia

Morgan from Crimepedia

Nic from True Crime Garage & The Big Kids Show

Shiloh of the LA Not So Confidential Podcast

Bootsy from the End of Watch with Bootsy & Sal podcast

Jami from Murderish

The non-profit organization we’re highlighting this week is: The Porchlight Project

Music and Sound FX sourced through Epidemic Sound, Soundstripe, Audiio, Motion Array, and Audioblocks.

Additional music and atmospheres provided by Captain Fathands.

This show does contain satire and the only character based on a real person is Santa Claus. Any other names or likenesses are purely coincidental.

Santa Maybe, a Criminal is an Ear Cult Production and is distributed in association with Glassbox Media.

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