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Episode notes

Ann K. Emery is on the podcast today! Ann is a client, a friend, and also a total inspiration- especially when it comes to building a business that supports the life you want to lead. Ann’s work as a data visualization visionary has brought her around the world, but when she started her family she knew she needed to completely re-imagine her lifestyle and how she ran her business. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Growing your side hustle into your full-time gig one baby step at a time

  • The challenges of balancing a growing family and a growing business

  • How to create systems that do the work you don’t love doing

  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad with three kids in tow 

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All About Ann: 

Ann K. Emery is an internationally acclaimed speaker who equips organizations to get their data out of dusty spreadsheets and into real-world conversations. Each year, she delivers over 100 keynotes, workshops, and webinars with the aim of equipping organizations to visualize data more effectively.

She has been invited to speak in 30 states and 10 countries; 7,500 people have enrolled in her online training academy; and she has consulted to 200 organizations, including the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control, and Harvard University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a Master’s degree from George Mason University.

After traveling full-time as a digital nomad, Ann now resides in Florida along with her husband and three children. Find her work at Depict Data Studio, connect with her on LinkedIn, and follow her adventures on Instagram @AnnKEmery


This podcast is hosted by Meg K. Wheeler, CPA and Biz Money Coach. Meg is on a mission to turn online educators, service providers and coaches from Not Numbers People to Badass Money Makers. Are you ready to Disrupt Your Money? Learn more about Meg here!

This podcast is intended for informational & educational purposes only and is not intended as professional financial advice. 


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