Disrupt Your Money

By Meg K. Wheeler
Let’s break this money sh*t down.

Do you even know why any of this money stuff matters at all?

How you make money, spend money, and nurture money is critical to building a more equitable world. By empowering business owners to take control of their finances we can all use our money to disrupt the current failing financial systems and build new ones. Why do we have to fundamentally tear down the existing financial institutions? Because they were not designed to be just or equitable for everyone. 

It’s Time To Disrupt The Almighty Dollar

Money affects all areas of our life so no topic is off-limits. Every week, we’ll cover subjects ranging from the rise of cryptocurrency to having a better relationship with the IRS.
You’ve got questions - We’ve got answers. 

Every episode features real-world money questions from you, our listeners.

Worried about shame or judgment? There’s none of that here. We make talking about the money stuff less cringey and more accessible.

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