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Ep #21 Are You Stopping Your Blessings?

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

I've had a long list of people that I've asked to be on my podcast since before I started podcasting (one of my Zones of Genius is 'Connecting with Others'). 

Anyhow, everyone has said "yes, let me know!" and I've responded "great, I will!".

I started my podcast almost a year ago (July 19 to be exact!) and before I started it, I had been asking people to be on my podcast.

The last time I checked (last year) that list was more than 52 people so if I were to interview everyone and release one podcast episode per week that would be more than one year of podcasts!

At first, I had a reason...I hadn't learned the 'tech' yet. How do I even get a Zoom interview onto Audacity (how I edit my podcasts)? I finally "cracked the code" late last year and I was excited!

Well, "life happens" and now it's June 2022! I've since decided to start interviewing people that I've talked to (that have agreed to be on my podcast) and I can honestly say that I was 'stopping' my blessings from not starting earlier.

I talk more about this on the podcast but it made me wonder how many times that we all 'stop our blessings' and/or have a fear of success?

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