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Ep 28 with Tracie Patterson on Changing the Culture of Sales in Your Business - Hint: It's Not About Us!

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

This is another good one y'all and I'm not being biased! Tracie has a lot of mic drop moments in this podcast episode!

She speaks about "changing the culture of sales" and how to write more "audience focused vs 'me' focused" copy which I can attest to doing myself! I don't do this intentionally; it just takes some practice for us newbies and Tracie help me hands on with my copy for being a 'Mindfulness Mentor for Highly Sensitive Introverts'!

Tracie also talks about "labeling vs describing your services" and taking the "I" out of our copy and to instead writing how will it "alter our audiences' lives"...

....and "connecting what our audience is after with what it is that we do to find our people"...and when we're asking for the sale (after we've had a successful 1:1 Connection Call with a possible client), to have the confidence of a leader because ultimately, that's what we are for our business!

She focuses on three parts when marketing:

1. Audience

2. Offer and

3. Messaging

I will update this with Tracie's Freebie link!

Tracie Patterson's info:



Tracie's offers: "Sales with Ease" and "Boost the Value of Your Offers in a Day"

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This is Dr. Elaine Aron's direct website. She coined the term, "highly sensitive person" back in the 90's!


Highly Sensitive Refuge Article explaining what the difference is between an Introvert, a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath.


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