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Ep #24 What the eff just happened?

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

I'm in the U.S. and on Friday, June 24, Roe v Wade was overturned. I am shocked and livid to say the least (!)

I made sure to cool down by the time I recorded this though so it's still not "E" rated for 'Explicit' but What the eff just happened?!?

The one thing that we can do and all U.S. Citizens is to VOTE as Michelle Obama said in the 2020 Elections, "VOTE like our lives depend on it"...because frankly, they do!

Here is a website that you can use to get started on How, Where, Who to vote for near you --> Β www.usa.gov/election-office

2022 is a a mid-term election year so (if you haven't already), make sure to:

Check this site www.usa.gov/election-office and see the 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why) near you and be prepared.

There are also some very important 'seats' that we need to be sure to either 'keep' or 'flip' depending on what state we are in.

EVERY VOTE MATTERS as it's absolutely critical that we all vote!

I'm gonna be sure to do my homework and learn as much as possible on what and who I'm voting for and by the way...

Please Vote all the way down the ticket. This is how a lot of folks get voted for when we don't vote at all and the other party gets one up for the person that 'did' vote for said person.

With the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery cases, it's ALL of the difference in the world as far as who are the judges and who is the Attorney General for example.

Some other things to be prepared for leading up to Voting Day is:

Check where you need to vote at.

Check the voting hours and what day/time you plan on voting and mark this in your calendar.

Be sure to have your I.D. with you and available.

Do the buddy system, if you have friends nearby you make a plan to vote together. The buddy system is always a good idea!

Bringing your kids with you? Bring a game or something to keep their attention or even an old school crossword puzzle or sudoku book!

Where comfy shoes and clothing or bring a change of clothes if needed.

Eat beforehand

Go to the restroom beforehand

Bring a sandwich with you or a snack and/or energy bars with you to hold you over so you don't have to leave the line.

If they allow, bring a lawn chair with you.

Help an elderly person that would like to vote but needs assistance.

If you know of a friend or loved one in a wheelchair and/or injured, see if they need assistance.

Offer to give a ride to someone without a mode of transportation.

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Thank you...I will speak to you soon and cheers to speaking up and making your voice heard!




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