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148. Sales needs to get comfortable with transparency in the age of AI, with Julie Holmes

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In today's rapidly evolving sales landscape, failing to embrace AI tools can leave your sales department lagging behind. AI is revolutionizing how sales teams operate, offering capabilities such as automating routine tasks, analyzing customer interactions, and personalizing sales pitches at scale. Julie Holmes emphasizes that AI can help sales professionals sell smarter, serve better, and save time. Integrating AI tools like call recording and CRM automation not only enhances transparency but also provides valuable insights for improving sales strategies. Sales leaders must recognize the necessity of AI to stay competitive and drive better sales outcomes.

Julie Holmes is a serial inventor, tech developer, and strategic innovator with over two decades of leadership experience in enterprise technology. As a dynamic entrepreneur and popular keynote speaker, Julie specializes in helping businesses innovate and differentiate in a fast-paced technological environment. Her expertise is highly sought after by major brands such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, Expedia, and American Express. Julie's down-to-earth approach and deep understanding of AI make her an invaluable resource for leaders and teams aiming to thrive in the new normal of technology-driven business.

What you'll learn:

  • How can AI tools enhance transparency and provide actionable insights in the sales process?
  • What specific AI applications can sales leaders implement to support their teams and improve productivity?
  • How can sales teams use AI to personalize outreach and build better relationships with prospects?

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