Full Funnel Freedom

By Hamish Knox

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Full Funnel Freedom is for sales executives, directors and managers who know they want to improve the capabilities of their sales teams to generate more leads and income with ease. You're tired of the constant hustle and the pressure of leading a demotivated sales team. You are looking for ways to assess, develop and lead your team that ultimately lead to better results. You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to build a sales funnel that brings you freedom. Hosted by Hamish Knox, author of Accountability The Sandler Way and Change The Sandler Way, recipient of Sandler Global Rookie of the Year and David H Sandler Award Winner. You'll learn not only how to reach more prospects but how to maximise the client relationships you already have. This is the show for you to learn how to feel less pressured and stressed about the sales process & what it takes to have Full Funnel Freedom.

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