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085 Our Sellers Personal Preferences Aren't Relevant When Selling

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Episode notes

Our seller's personal preferences when they are buying shouldn't impact them when they are selling - but it often does.

All of us have a personal process for buying those big-ticket items. But if you are a seller with a fairly well-defined personal buying process it's very easy to accept those delay tactics without any kind of commitment to next steps. The inverse is also true: A seller who might impulsively purchase things might get upset at a buyer who wants to slow it down and gather more information.

In today's episode, we'll cover what kind of coaching is effective for both types of sellers. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • What's the right mindset to have - regardless of buyer type.
  • How do manage a "chaotic" buying process
  • How to be comfortable making choices with incomplete information.
  • It doesn't matter why your seller says - It matters what your buyer hears.
  • When to slow down the seller's process to speed up the buyer's selection.
  • How to coach a seller to respond to requests for more information.
  • how to train your sellers to be "buyer-focused".
  • How our buying style as team leaders may impact your seller's behavior.

Understanding our own buying style is an incredible activity that both you and your sellers need to take to ensure that we work with our sellers in a manner that doesn't alienate them, but keeps them moving towards commitment.