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146. Bringing Humanity Back to Seller/ Buyer Interactions, with Phil Putnam

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In today’s complex and competitive marketplace, respecting and collaborating with your buyer is more critical than ever. Buyers are more informed, have less patience for drawn-out processes, and expect immediate value and transparency. Traditional sales methods that prioritize the convenience and benefit of the seller, such as delaying product demos and withholding pricing details, are increasingly ineffective. Instead, sellers must pivot to creating a seamless and respectful buying experience, understanding that the buyer ultimately holds the power in the transaction. Prioritizing the buyer's needs and experience not only builds trust but also increases the likelihood of a successful sale.

Phil Putnam is a unique and insightful business strategy consultant whose career journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. Initially trained in music, Phil transitioned from a career in tech to focus on teaching, coaching, and consulting. His deep obsession with communication and genuine care for people have driven his success in working with major enterprises such as Adobe, Apple, Bloomberg, and Salesforce. Phil’s human-first, common-sense approach to generating business outcomes focuses on understanding and leveraging what people love most – themselves. His expertise in aligning business tactics with people’s needs and his innovative concept of "revenue mechanics" have made him a sought-after consultant and speaker.

What you'll learn:

  • How can sellers create a buying experience that prioritizes the buyer’s needs over their internal processes?
  • What are the three ground rules that buyers, like Phil Putnam, enforce to ensure their buying process is respected and efficient?
  • How can understanding and aligning with the buyer’s motivations and needs drive better sales outcomes and stronger performance?

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