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077 Love Your Team with Helen Fanucci from Microsoft

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Episode notes

Helen Fanucci is a best-selling author, transformational sales leader, team builder, podcaster, and sought-after keynote speaker. She is currently the Customer Success Sales Leader at Microsoft, where she's on a mission to provide thought leadership in employee engagement, hybrid work productivity and security.

In today's episode, we discuss how sales leaders can learn to love their teams. Helen shares proven strategies sales managers can use to build stronger team cultures and deliver outsized business performance while retaining top talent.

What You'll Learn:

  • Red flags you should never ignore in conversations with sellers
  • Why sales leaders must understand the things that matter to their people
  • The two types of conversations every sales leader should master
  • Traditional versus "Love Your Team" sales leader
  • Why modern sales leaders should read Hellen's book Love Your Team
  • How leaders unintentionally promote bad behavior in teams 
  • The benefits of having an accurate pipeline
  • How to have tough love conversations with your team 
  • Why curiosity is a core skill in leadership

The pandemic dramatically flipped the workforce power structure on its head. Team members have more power in the marketplace and they know it. As sales leaders, we must intentionally shift our approach from the traditionally accepted hustle mode and focus on the success and wellbeing of our team. 

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