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Successful Sales Leadership Can be Explained with 6th Grade Math, with Matthew Iovani

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Episode notes

How are you tracking your progress and success? In this week's episode, we explore ideas and insights with Matthew Iovani, managing partner of Full Funnel. We take a deep dive into the numbers behind the sales, exploring ROI, efficiency, cost of acquisition, and the importance of SDRs in demand generation.

What you'll learn:

  • How to explain Revops through 6th grade math.
  • How to present an ROI on sales and marketing to a CRO.
  • How Cost of Acquisition Targeting supports better strategic decision making than revenue quotas.
  • What your business objectives should target demand generation, pipeline generation, and customer success.
  • How best to utilize Account Executives.
  • Why underinvestment in SDRs is causing issues for sales pipelines.
  • Why SDRs should have a strict generation process.
  • Why offshore SDRs are generating greater value than US SDRs.
  • How to create more value with the SDR role.

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