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149. How Helping Your Sellers Short Term May Hurt them Long Term, with Susie Mathieson, the small stuff

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Being a leader isn't about managing the day-to-day tasks of your team; it's about empowering them to handle their responsibilities effectively. Susie Matheson, the founder of The Small Stuff, shared valuable insights on this topic. She recounted her own experiences as a frontline sales manager, where she often took on administrative tasks for her team to free up their time. While this seemed helpful initially, it ultimately did more harm than good. It prevented team members from developing the skills they needed to succeed independently. Instead, leaders should focus on equipping their teams with the necessary tools and training, fostering autonomy, and holding them accountable to their KPIs. This approach not only enhances individual growth but also strengthens the overall team performance.

Susie Matheson is a seasoned sales professional and the founder of The Small Stuff, a company dedicated to sales training. Born and raised in the UK, Susie has a rich background in various industries, including paint, coatings, and automotive sales. Her career took her to Germany, where she honed her sales skills and developed a passion for helping others reach their sales potential. After years in sales management roles, Susie took a break in 2019 to travel, which led to the founding of The Small Stuff. Her experience as a sales manager taught her the importance of not just meeting KPIs but also understanding the human side of sales. Today, Susie and her team focus on empowering salespeople by providing them with the right tools and training to succeed.

What you'll learn:

  • How can leaders empower their sales teams to be more autonomous and less reliant on managerial intervention?
  • What are the key steps in developing an effective personal development plan for sales team members?
  • How does consistency in leadership practices build trust and improve team performance?

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