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092 Making the Technical Human, with Shruti Harish

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Episode notes

Nothing will ruin a customer's confidence in your organization more than when sales and engineering begins pointing fingers at each other. Today's guest, Shruti Harish shares ideas and insights to ensure your teams are aligned for one goal - customer success.

About Shruti:

Shruti Harish is the Azure Data & AI Lead for Microsoft's West & Midwest region. In this role she pushes her teams to drive digital transformation with Azure Data & AI services, and ensures customer success by helping them to realize and accelerate business value with Microsoft Cloud solutions. 

In today's episode we'll cover:

  • What are the positive payoffs to the team and individual by thinking beyond the technical.
  • How solving today's problems builds tomorrow's relationships.
  • Why making long-term relationships with customers benefits you - even if the customer moves on.
  • Why being "Ruthless" in problem solving is key.
  • How the first contact with a customer helps to define the tone for the engagement.
  • How sales teams can support the pre-sales engineering team.
  • How sales teams can set up the customer success team to be rockstars for the customer.

And, if you find yourself struggling to get sales and engineering aligned, give us a call.


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