Full Funnel Freedom / 040 How Full Funnel Freedom Creates Trust Across Your Organization with Rebecca Wood from MasterBUILT Hotels

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Episode notes

This week, we welcome Rebecca Wood, National Director of Sales at MasterBUILT Hotels, who shares ideas and insights around full funnel freedom. Rebecca has coached and mentored dozens of leaders, sales professionals and managers across Canada and the United States. After launching her own company Romeo Whiskey, consulting and teaching leadership skills to a variety of business leaders, Rebecca has recently returned to sales leadership for MasterBUILT Hotels. She talks about the challenges of keeping the sales funnel consistently full, and how full funnel freedom builds trust and relieves stress across all levels of your organization. 

What You’ll Learn: 

- The struggles Rebecca encounters in her new sales leadership role

- How full funnel freedom builds confidence, control, clarity and trust   

- Why it’s beneficial that salespeople have control over their own success

- Early warning signs that a salesperson’s funnel is going on a ‘crash diet’ 

- The importance of mindset work and how going for no’s can produce more yes’s

- The activities Rebecca coaches salespeople on to keep filling their sales funnels

When your sales funnel is consistently, reliably full, it gives you confidence because you understand what you’ve done to get to that full funnel. It also builds trust, because you can back up that information and make better decisions as a sales leader. Being able to purposely fill your funnel relieves the anxiety and the stress from the rest of your organization.


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