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129. Telephone Selling Isn't Dead, with Anthony Stears, "The Telephone Assassin"

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Episode notes

Is telephone selling dead? This week's guest, Anthony Stears doesn't think so. 

Anthony is on a mission to get businesses talking again and stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media. He's a conversational strategist, helping clients to get in front of more of their ideal customers and getting more business from their existing clients by using good manners and emotional intelligence.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How LinkedIn and other technologies can help you get better results on the call.
  • How your prospecting calls are like pizza menus
  • How to lead with your most common objection
  • What is BAMFAM, and why you should be doing it.
  • What does it mean to "Take Final Responsiblity".


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Anthony Stears' website - The Telephone Assassin

The Telephone Assassin: Everything You Need to Know About Being Successful on the Phone - by Anthony Stears on Amazon.

or Direct from Anthony

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